Designing a communication app for front-line shift workers

Crew is a messaging app that helps shift workers communicate, view their schedules, and swap shifts. At Crew, I led design on the Revenue team and owned paid features across iOS, Android, and web.

Leading design of a new enterprise product

Command Center is Crew’s web-based enterprise product, used by customers to manage multiple teams on Crew. Besides redesigning Command Center’s main analytics dashboard and creating user roles and permissions, I worked on...


I redesigned the Schedules page in Command Center to help enterprise customers verify that schedules were being posted on time:

Gold Stars

I designed a feature to let enterprise customers give out gold stars and view team leaderboards from Command Center:


I designed a set of features to help Crew's enterprise customers discover, install, and standardize add-ons from Command Center:

Creating a safe and compliant workplace for shift workers

In the Crew app, I worked on features that were available only for paid customers. That include an entire suite of compliance features as well as...

Cross-location shift covers

I extended Crew's shift cover add-on so managers could find help from other teams:

Gold Star Contests

I designed a new Crew add-on that would let managers create and manage contests:

Safety Check

I designed a feature to help managers check up on employees during emergencies:

Establishing design culture at Crew

There were rarely slow days at Crew. When I wasn't designing new features (or redesigning old ones), I was involved in...

Crew styleguide

I worked with my coworker Suchit to flesh out various components in the Crew styleguide, including data tables, page headers, and navigation bars:

Crew Advisory Council

To improve shared understanding of our users, I established Crew’s first customer advisory council, consisting of 15 individuals from key accounts: