A few of my favorite design resources...

🎨 Visual Design

Butterick's Practical Typography

This was my go-to guide when I was first learning about typography.

Steve Schoger's articles

Visual design theory can be difficult to apply, which is why I love Steve's articles: the tips are actionable and go a long way in providing visual polish.


A well-crafted and flexible icon set (that you don't have to make from scratch) is invaluable. I love that FontAwesome provides such a wide range strokes and weights.


Pexels provides a bunch of high-quality photos for free. One caveat: some photos are now widely used and can seem "stock" and less authentic.

📝 App References


Mobbin collects screens from various mobile apps. Not only is the content helpful to reference (you can filter by app or specific patterns), I love how clean the site is.

Growth Design provides a series of thoughtful app critiques and analyses in a fun (bitmoji) format.

📰 Newsletters

It can be difficult to sift through all the activity in the design community. sends me (just) 5 curated links every day so I can catch up on what's worthwhile.


I love receiving my weekly dose of typographic inspiration from Jeremiah Shoaf at Typewolf. He identifies new trends in typography and highlights websites that use typography beautifully.

Design is a Party

Elizabeth Lin writes great articles about teaching and learning design, backed by her experiences working at Khan Academy and Lambda School. I love how accessible her articles are – great for early and senior designers.