Helping engineers and great companies find each other

Before I joined Crew, I was the first designer at Triplebyte, a Y-Combinator startup that matches tech companies with engineers. Here are highlights from my time there.

I made it easier for companies to track the status of Triplebyte candidates

I redesigned Triplebyte’s web platform for companies. The redesign allows companies to understand why they were matched with candidates. It also makes it clear where candidates are in the interviewing process.

I designed a dashboard to help talent managers manage large candidate cohorts

Engineers that pass Triplebyte’s technical evaluation are assigned to talent managers that guide them through the interviewing process. I designed an internal dashboard to help Triplebyte’s talent managers track candidates and identify the ones needing followup.

I illustrated the Triplebyte company blog

As the only designer at Triplebyte, I had the opportunity to try my hand at visual design, which included creating illustrations for the company blog.

I designed (and helped conceive of) an outdoor ad campaign at the Caltrain station

One of my favorite Triplebyte projects was an outdoor ad campaign that covered the entire San Francisco Caltrain Station (4th & King) for a month. I spearheaded this project with our Head of Growth; we invited a handful of past candidates to be featured in life-size ads along with their handwritten testimonials:

We also liked the idea of ads that would provide mental stimulation for people waiting at the station. One ad asked viewers to identify the programming language in a snippet of code:

The final ads matched our vision and were incredibly fulfilling to see in person: