Outside of work, I take on freelance projects to learn about different industries and develop new skills. Here are a few select projects.

I designed a new onboarding flow for Hi Charlie's financial app

Charlie is a personal finance tool that helps people cut bills, follow a budget, and save money. I worked with Charlie's team to design a new onboarding flow as they migrated from Facebook Messenger to their own native iOS/Android app.

I helped Flux Biosciences create a logo and brand from scratch

Flux Biosciences is a bio-medical startup that wants to give people more visibility into their health. Their first app helps men track their testosterone levels. I worked with Flux's founders to create a foundation for their brand.

I helped Gradient Health design an interactive prototype for viewing radiology cases

Gradient Health is a medical startup trying to improve the imaging tools available to radiologists. I worked with the Gradient team to design their MVP, a web platform that uses machine learning to speed up disease identification from images.

I designed and built a landing page to help BetterCoin test their MVP

I helped the BetterCoin team design a landing page to gauge interest in a robo-investment platform for cryptocurrency, which would enable ordinary people to invest with fewer barriers to entry.

I helped World's Best update their brand and e-commerce website

World’s Best is a luxury e-commerce site that asked my friend Kenny and myself to help them rebrand. We conducted a branding workshop with the founders to establish an updated visual direction for the entire site.